Hollie Newton's Original Art

Hollie Newton's Original ArtHollie Newton's Original ArtHollie Newton's Original Art

One part dream, one part memory and one part meditation.


One part dream, one part memory, one part meditation. The surface of these paintings are unapologetically candy apple gloss. In some cases I have added hundreds of thin layers of transparent paint (glaze) to the canvas. That means I add a thin layer of  paint to the canvas every few days over the course of a year. In some areas of these canvases you can see into the paint like a glass marble. I write little notes and words on the canvas before I begin.   I also meditate on the feelings of words while I lose myself in the paint. Eventually the paint covers the words but the feeling remains.

 This is original art and the images are representational. They have a partial narrative yet I have left space for the viewer. Life is crowded, hopefully these images leave space for your memories, your colorful dreams, and time for you to meditate. I believe everyone is an artist - even if you don't paint, I hope these resonate with your inner artist.


Curriculum Vitae


San Francisco Art Institute, BFA program,Painting, San Francisco, CA

Palomar College, General Education, San Diego, CA

  • 2020 * To be announced* Lunaria Gallery, Solo Show, Silverton, Oregon
  • 2020 Silverton Art Association,  Artist in Residence, Silverton, Oregon
  • 2019 Lunaria Gallery, Silverton, Oregon
  • 2019 Westminster Art Show, Salem, Oregon
  • 2019 Marion County Fair, Salem, Oregon
  • 2019 Silverton Art Association, Artist in Residence, Silverton, Oregon
  • 2018 Lunaria Gallery, Silverton, Oregon
  • 2018 Slverton Art Festival, Poster Artist, Silverton, Oregon
  • 2018 River Gallery, Independence, Oregon
  • 2018 Salem Art Association, Artist In Residence, Salem, Oregon
  • 2018 Silverton Art Association Artist in Residence, Silverton, Oregon
  • 2018 Westminster Art Show, Salem, Oregon
  • 2017 Something Red Art Show, Salem, Oregon
  • 2017 Salem Oregon Art Walk, Salem, Oregon
  • 2017 Art Festival, Lake Oswego, Oregon
  • 2017 River Gallery, Independence, Oregon
  • 2016 Oceanside Art Walk, Oceanside, CA
  • 2016 Little Italy Art Festival, San Diego, CA
  • 2016 San Diego Museum of the Living Artist Balboa Park (San Diego Art Institute) San Diego, CA
  • 2016 Del Mar Art Walk, Del Mar, CA
  • 2016 Poway Art Market, Poway, CA
  • 2015 San Diego Museum of the Living Artist Balboa Park (San Diego Art Institute) San Diego, CA
  • 2014 San Diego Museum of the Living Artist, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA (San Diego Art Institute) San Diego, CA
  • Tiny Art Shows, Art-o-mat  artist, International
    • 2011 (November)
    • Reform School, CA
    • UNL, NE
    • Client Profits, Oceanside, CA
    • Chambers Hotel, MN
    • Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, NV
    • 2011 (October)
    • Cultural Center, IL
    • Pearl Dive, DC
    • Tenn Performing Arts, TN
    • Visus, OH
    • Dare County Arts, NC
    • Cosmopolitan, NV
    • 2011 (September)
    • Lanster, FL
    • Ritz Carlton, NC
    • Cabarrus Art Council, NC
    • BKB, WA
    • Corner House Gallery, IA
    • Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, NV
    • Venue Ballard, WA
    • 2011 (August)
    • Cairns Festival, Australia
    • Corner House, IA
    • Salomon Inc, VA
    • Venue Ballard, WA
    • 2011 (July)
    • Cosmopolitan, NV
    • Rayko Gallery, CA
    • Miami Unvashes, FL
    • 2011 (May)
    • Smithsonian, DC
    • Vision Gallery, AZ
    • Tenn. Performing Arts,. TN
    • Crocker Museum, CA
    • S. Blake, NE
    • Crocker Museum, CA
    • Cosmopolitan, NV
    • 2011 (February)
    • Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, NV
    • 2010 (December)
    • Reynolda House, NC
    • Cosmopolitan, NV
  • 1994 Group Show, SFAI, San Francisco, CA
  • 1993 Group Show, SFAI, San Francisco, CA
  • 1993 Solo Wall Show, Wall of Breasts, San Francisco, CA
  • 1992 Solo Show, Palomar Extension Center Gallery, Escondido, CA
  • 1992 Solo Interactive Installation, Palomar Extension Center, Escondido, CA
  • 1991 Group Show, Palomar College Gallery, San Marcos CA


  • 2019 Marion County Fair, Best of Show, People's Choice, First Place on two paintings, Best of the Best, Chairman's Choice Award, Salem, Oregon
  • 2018 Lunaria Gallery, People's Choice Award, Silverton, Oregon
  • 2018 Featured Artist and Poster Artist Award, Silverton, Oregon,
  • 2018 Lunaria Gallery, Member's Choice Award, Silverton, Oregon
  • 2017 Juror's Choice Award, Something Red Show, Salem, Oregon
  • 1994 SFAI Group Show, Honorable Mention, San Francisco, CA
  • 1993 Won a Solo Wall Show, San Francisco, CA
  • 1992 Portfolio Merit Scholarship, San Francisco Art Institute

Featured in a book and  various newspaper and magazines.

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